Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers at City Hall, with a 15-minute work session scheduled prior to each regular meeting.

The Sugar Hill Planning Commission is a volunteer board made up of five Sugar Hill citizens appointed by the Mayor and Council to assist with decisions related to current and future land use regulations in the city. The commission conducts public hearings on proposed changes to the city’s zoning policies and prepare recommendations for consideration by the Mayor and Council. The Planning Commission does not create policy and serves only as a recommending body to the Mayor, Council, and city staff on a variety of land use policy issues.

The Planning Commission is encouraged by strong community participation and will strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for those who wish to express their views at the appropriate times during our meetings. The chairperson gives an overview of the hearing procedures at the start of each meeting in order to ensure a thorough and orderly proceeding. Time limits are associated with each public hearing, if you plan to address the commission at the meeting please be prepared to share time at the lectern with others who may wish to speak on the same items.

Planning Commission

Meet the Board

Rosemary Walsh

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Jason Jones

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Mark Daniels

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Brian Shebs

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Phil Olsen

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Who can serve on Planning Commission:

Members of the Planning Commission must be residents or business owners of the City of Sugar Hill. Members must not be employed by the City of Sugar Hill. Members shall not serve as elected officials of the City of Sugar Hill as prescribed by ordinance.

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