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Alton Tucker Blvd Extension. This project’s objective is to improve the intersection of Level Creek Rd and West Broad Street, as well as extending Alton Tucker to Highway 20 at the east end of the E Center property. The alignment and concrete work for this project are substantially complete. Sidewalk brick paver installation Is 90% complete. The signal at Highway 20 has the poles and strain wires installed. The signal subcontractor will install the electric wires necessary for the signals and controls. After this work, they will repair the manholes and paving in that intersection as well as completing the final paving of Alton Tucker and West Broad.  The next two months of the project will see final utility relocation completed and signal activation.  Look for this project to be completed in the second quarter of 2024.­

Street Paving and Repair. Garrett Paving has been awarded the construction contract for the 2024 LMIG street paving program. We recently applied for and received a grant for a portion of the funds required to complete this project through the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) program administered by GDOT. SPLOST receipts will fund about half of this roadwork as well. A recent announcement of a supplemental budget at the state level will authorize additional funding for the LM IG program. Staff anticipates recommending additional streets be added to the contract in recognition of the additional funds. That decision will be considered by the City Council at their April meeting. These additional funds will allow us to complete repairs on some six more streets.

These are the streets that will be repaved on this project:

Name From To LF
Hidden Circle Dr Wages Way Roberts Dr 1600
Hidden Circle Hidden Circle Dr Roberts Dr 1575
S. Roberts Dr Hidden Circle Roberts Dr 2475
Shirley Dr S. Roberts Dr Roberts Dr 685
Wansley Ln S. Roberts Dr Roberts Dr 695
Sherri Ln S. Roberts Dr Roberts Dr 675
Roberts Drive Hidden Circle Dr Frontier Dr 2330
Creek Trace Dr Roberts Dr Forest Creek Ct 375
Forest Creek Ct Creek Bluff Dr cul de sac 375
Creek Bluff Dr cul de sac cul de sac 1875
Mill Walk Ct cul de sac Creek Bluff Dr 360
Creek Trace Ct cul de sac Creek Bluff Dr 450
Alton Tucker Blvd PIB W Broad St 1082
Magical Way Church St Parking Lot 272
Temple Hwy 20 W Broad St 500
Hillcrest Hwy 20 W Broad St 649

Highway 20 Pedestrian Bridge. Bridge design is at the 80% point. The general layout, size and construction materials have been selected. The permitting process has begun by GDOT with their review of the bridge foundation investigation (BFI).  Once the plans are formally in review by GDOT and approaching a conclusion, we can advertise for a construction partner. Anticipated completion date is early 2025.

Downtown Greenway/LCI Project. This project is funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, so the process is a little different. The first step is to prepare a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from pre-qualified design firms. We will be advertising for a design partner in April. The project will provide an urban greenway connection from  PIB/20 to Alton Tucker and then on back to Highway 20. The timeline for construction will be determined once we have the design finished.

Whitehead Road Sidewalks. This project is in the beginning stages of design and Right of Way (ROW) acquisition. Once those items are completed, we will advertise for a construction partner. We anticipate a mid-2024 completion date.

Northside Greenway. As part of their developments, Novare Sugar Hill, The Refinery by Prestwick and Hillcrest Landing are constructing segments of the Greenway to the North of Hwy 20 and along Hillcrest Dr. This will consist of a winding segment from Stanley St. through their developments and connecting to the sidewalk on Hillcrest Dr. at Brookdale Dr. Future segments will connect this area to the Richland Creek area.

This portion of the project should be completed by the end of 2024.

First Ave. Street Lighting. This project will install six poles and seven lights on the North side of First Ave. from PIB to Chapel Ave/Lanier at the railroad crossing. This project is expected to be completed in April.

Golf Course Cell Tower. The tower has been erected and antennae have been hung. Work is proceeding on final wiring and site clean up. The tower should be active by mid April and the old temporary tower removed.

Gary Pirkle Park S and streambank Restoration. USACE and EPD permits have been applied for. The permit is in the Public Comment phase now. When those are approved, we will advertise for a construction partner. The project seeks to restore the stream bank at the bridge in Gary Pirkle Park and stabilize it to prevent further erosion.





Ridge Lake Park Phase II. Work has begun on the design for phase II of this project. We will add some obstacles in the dog park area, walking trails and disc golf. A meeting was recently held with two citizens who are disc golf course designers to see how this amenity fits into the overall park footprint. Construction should begin this summer. Work on a “soft” trail in the grass area behind the dog park has been laid out and our staff will begin construction soon.

Approximate location of “soft” trails in red. They will be curved and will connect to the current sidewalks.




Downtown (West Broad) Streetscape. Initial design work and information gathering has begun on enhancing the streetscapes in downtown. The project will consider various enhancements along W. Broad Street, including parking improvements, pedestrian safety improvements, traffic calming, street lighting, decorative signage, landscaping, street furniture and pedestrian crossing considerations A public input meeting was held March 19 at 5:30 PM for citizens to view current ideas and provide feedback. Feedback forms can be found on our website for those who could not attend.

Downtown Streetscape Public Comment Form

Sugar Hill Broad Street Concept Board




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