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Ridge Lake Park. Construction is in the home stretch for the new park between the Arbor Clos neighborhood and Sugar Ridge Drive on the southside of Highway 20. Consisting of pervious paver parking, restrooms, covered pavillion, large and small dog enclosures, a small pond and paved trails; it will be the newest place to relax and unwind. Groundbreaking was held on November 29th, 2022. Many of the amenities in the park were suggested by the public during open houses that we held in 2017 and 2018. Stabilizing the disturbed areas is in the final stages and the landscaping is also substantially complete. Interior equipment and finishes for the building are installed and being tested. Dam repairs for the lower and upper ponds are complete and are filling up naturally with each rainfall event.  The decel lane on Hwy 20 has been completed and the guard rail re-installed. The parking area and driveway are complete. Striping, signage and fixtures are installed. Look for an October 2023 completion and grand opening toward the end of the month.

Bowl Pond Improvements.  Intended to make reliable use of the amenity pond in the heart of the downtown campus more certain and less overgrown, these improvements include replacing the failed outlet valve that regulates pond water level and prevents flooding. Also, a new area for events, leisurely strolls, or just relaxing is included. It will also have a new parking area that will serve as a load-in area for concerts and performances. Construction is complete with the exception of a small number of punch list items. The power was connected and the lighting, food truck connections and pond fountains are all energized. The parking area is open and available for our downtown visitors.

Alton Tucker Blvd Extension.  The design phase is complete and we have awarded the project to Ohmshiv Construction, LLC. This project will improve the intersection of Level Creek Rd and West Broad Street, as well as extending Alton Tucker to Highway 20 at the east end of the E Center property. This project should be completed by the end of 2024. Ohmshiv has mobilized and installed their erosion control measures for the initial phase of construction. Work has begun on the road coming from highway 20 to the E Center drive. The project will then proceed with improvements to the Level Creek Rd. intersection. Look for this project to be completed in the second quarter of 2024.

Street Paving and Repair.  The contract has been awarded to Georgia Paving for the 2022,2023 LMIG street project. We received bids from 8 companies to repave and repair 23 streets, a parking lot and a cemetery driveway.

The streets to be addressed are:

Road Name From To
Brookdale Dr Hillcrest cul de sac
Primrose Park Rd Blossom Brook Ct city limits
Primrose Park Ct Primrose Park Rd cul de sac
Summer Creek Ct Primrose Park Rd cul de sac
Blossom Brook Dr Primrose Park Rd Avalon Creek Rd
Avalon Creek Rd Phase Line cul de sac
Roberts Run Cove Roberts Rd cul de sac
Spring Hill Dr Level Creek Rd Whitehead Rd
Pinecrest Dr PIB end
Church St Level Creek Rd W Broad St
W Broad St Alton Tucker Blvd Nelson Brogdon Blvd
Arbor View Way Underhill Ct cul de sac
Pine Branch Cir Arbor View Way cul de sac
Pine Branch Ct Arbor View Way cul de sac
Under Hill Ln Arbor View Way cul de sac
Oak Grove Dr Level Creek Rd end
Avonley Creek Dr Old Cumming Hwy Avonley Creek Trace
Kyle Trace Ct. Avonley Creek Dr. cul de sac
Glencora Close Avonley Creek Dr. cul de sac
Avonley Creek Trc Avonley Creek Dr. cul de sac
Starwind Way Avonley Creek Dr. cul de sac
Paliser Trc Avonley Creek Trace cul de sac
Cemetery Driveways Various
Wintersweet Way Hwy 20 Silverberry Ln

Paving has been completed on all of the streets above. Striping and other finish work should be scheduled in the next couple of weeks. Anticipated completion for this project is October 31.

Highway 20 Pedestrian Bridge. Design work is well underway. The general layout, size and construction materials have been decided. Next tasks will be the aesthetics and the permitting with GDOT.  Once those regulatory decisions are provided by GDOT, the design team will finalize bid documents and advertise for a construction partner. Anticipated completion date is early 2025.

Downtown Greenway/LCI Project. This project is funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, so the process is a little different. The first step is to prepare a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from pre-qualified design firms. We are working on that now, and once approved by GDOT, we will be able to advertise for a design partner. It will connect PIB/20 to Alton Tucker and then on back to Highway 20. The timeline will be determined once we have the design finished.

Whitehead Road Sidewalks. This project is in the beginning stages of design and Right of Way (ROW) acquisition. Once those items are completed, we will advertise for a construction partner. We anticipate a mid-2024 completion date.

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