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Sugar Hill Greenway.

Sugar Hill Greenway Map

TriScapes Construction (TSI) has just completed the paving of the segment of trail through EERobinson Park (North) and will be finishing the shoulders and tie-ins at each end.  The public is encouraged to stay off the trails until the barriers are removed and it is safe to use.  The segments of trail from PIB to Whitehead along the old GDOT right-of-way is next on the schedule with clearing having already started.

Greenway Trail Segment Through EERobinson (North)

Greenway Trail Segment heading to Level Creek Road

The TSI contract will encompass about 4 and a half miles of trail construction, beginning at the intersection of Level Creek Road and Church Street and extending both along roadways and through natural areas to Whitehead Road, temporarily ending at a trailhead parking lot at the Bethany UMC Church located at 144 Whitehead Road near the new bridge.                       

Gary Pirkle Park Field Expansion.  The park’s field improvements for the year have been completed and the focus now is on the pavement repairs identified and added to the resurfacing program scope.

Gold Mine Park. This 9 acre passive park’s construction contract is being awarded.  Construction is expected to begin in early summer and be completed this fall.  The park serves as a trailhead on the city’s greenway and offers a chance for guests to learn more about the city’s gold mining history.

22 Acre Park – Highway 20.  Architectural design work is has been completed for the restroom and pavilion building to establish a style consistent with historic uses on the property.  In addition, the lower pond is being drained and further evaluation of its condition is needed to determine a scope for repairs or improvements associated with this phase of the project.  The dam of the lower pond has been cored and evaluated.  The repairs required will be detailed in a subsequent report from the geotechnical engineer.  The following images capture the styles being considered.

LMIG – Roadway Repairs & Resurfacing.  This contract has been let and notice to proceed issued for this year’s edition of the road repairs program.  Allied Paving is the city’s contractor for this set of streets and will begin work the week of April 19.  The following roads are slated for inclusion in the proposed contract:

Princeton Oaks Drive
Megan Court
Hunters Oak Trail
Bankside Court
Amberside Court
Amberside Lane
Riverside Walk Drive
River Ridge Lane
Appling Road
Frontier Drive
Forest Green Way
White Oak Drive
Frontier Way
Frontier Trail
Davis Street
Mountain Ridge Way
Spring Willow Drive
Grandloop Road
Eagles Rest Trail
Summer Breeze Lane
Long Needle Court

Newly Added Streets:

  1. Laurel Green Lane
  2. Sagamore Cove
  3. Canyon Drive
  4. Deer Crossing Drive

Deer Crossing Drive – Completed 5/14/2021

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