Why are we here and what is the issue we are seeking to address within your community?

The City of Sugar Hill is providing this meeting to encourage community collaboration and consensus about a proposed project to improve pedestrian safety, lighting, signage, landscaping and hardscapes, and public art along West Broad Street, between State Route 20 and Alton Tucker Boulevard in the City of Sugar Hill.  The purpose of this meeting is to provide the public with an opportunity to view the proposed project, ask questions, and comment on the proposed improvements.  The project team has developed a toolbox of potential improvements that are under consideration for implementation at various locations along the project corridor.  Each of these items are described on the attached concept board.

How Can You Assist: Please provide feedback about our proposed project as well as information about any resources important to you or to the community. 

Where is this project in the process?  This project is currently in the concept phase.  The concept phase defines the existing issues seeking to be resolved along with a proposed solution that will meet the community’s needs.

Click here for a concept board for more information on the design strategies for the project.

Project Location Map
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