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E Center.  Red Clay (RCI) is nearing completion of their office buildout in spaces 209 and 211—flooring and some remaining tasks outstanding.  Installation of a new epoxy floor coating for the common areas of the entire building is being completed as well during the recent pandemic-related closures.

Veterans Memorial Relocation.  Punch list work continues on this project as we wait for a few more supplies to come in before we open up our newest park downtown later this month.  Sign work is going to continue for a few more weeks as we wait on a couple of replacement items.   The sculpture at the west end of the project (left water feature pool in the aerial below) will be unveiled at the Memorial Day ceremony coming up.  The investment seeks to pay honor and respect to our veterans who have risked their lives and sacrificed to secure, protect, and preserve the liberties we enjoy in Sugar Hill.

Families of veterans may wish to remember, celebrate and honor their loved ones by purchasing a commemorative, stamped paver which will be installed in the plaza.  Information about the opportunity will be released on our website and social media platforms soon.

2019 Bowl Improvements.  The concession building is substantially complete.  We are still coordinating the relandscaping of the area to the south of the building across the sidewalk.  Electrical work remains on the handrail lighting system and controls prior to completing this portion of the project.  The final sections of artificial turf were installed in late April as well.

Sugar Hill Greenway.  Phase 1B of the greenway is underway with the traffic and erosion control measures having been installed this week.  Phase 1C is ready to be advertised.  Due to the COVID-19 response, we are delaying the bid phase until we know we can reliably issue plans to prospective bidders, most likely in mid to late May.  This project is funded through a combination of city and county SPLOST funds by way of an intergovernmental agreement.

Art/History Room Buildout at Broadstone. The design phase is getting ready to close-out as we finalize HVAC, electrical, and finishes for the space.  The pace has slowed over the last six week period, but we anticipate a bid package being ready in early summer.  Layout below:

Many of our other projects are in a holding pattern due to the pandemic or are in the throes of the design phase.  Here are updates on a few:

Highway 20 Pedestrian Bridge.  We are preparing a second attempt at federal funding through a grant program and are finalizing the application for submittal in May.

Level Creek / Alton Tucker Realignment. The final design is wrapping up on this project.  Atlas, the city’s consultant, is verifying truck-turning movement at Level Creek and W. Broad as well as confirming traffic controls proposed at Alton Tucker.  Right-of-way acquisition is commencing and will parallel the final construction and bid documents phase.

Gold Mine Park.  Easement acquisition is complete and the final phase of permitting from Gwinnett County is also at the finish line.  Bid phase is pending reopening of a few offices, but imminent.

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