The City of Sugar Hill was awarded a Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to prepare a major update to the current downtown master plan.  The city’s LCI plan was critical to advancing our vision toward a vibrant walkable community in Downtown Sugar Hill. Working through a comprehensive update provided an opportunity to take stock of community investment over the last few years and connect recent successes.  This is an important time to check our progress and set new goals for the next ten years of development.  Through the plan update city leaders made informed planning decisions based on actual on-the-ground conditions, development trends, real estate dynamics, and mobility needs. The plan focused on expanding the downtown core, housing needs, pedestrian and bike mobility strategies, and potential land use policy updates to achieve the envisioned development character.

The plan has now been adopted by City Council, but you can see the previous project schedule here.

2005 Downtown Master Plan

The following report, conceptual maps, and images represent extensive feedback from the project steering committee and public input to date. Please view the work by clicking the links below and let us know what you think.

Report - Appendix

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